7 Great Directions for Writing Research Papers

Before jumping into a research paper headfirst, students should take some time to plan out their approach. By planning out the process, students can reduce the time that they actually spend writing. In addition, they can ensure that they produce a better quality of paper than they would otherwise be able to.

  1. Always Read the Prompt First
  2. Most instructors have a very specific type of writing that they want to see. They may have specifications about the acceptable thesis topics or requirements for the writing style. To figure out what the instructor actually expects from the paper, students have to read the prompt. Afterward, they should format their paper so that it matches what the instructor wants.

    As the student starts to write their essay, they may become wrapped up in the process. Gradually, they may start to forget about the actual prompt that they started with. Due to this, students should reread the prompt at least three times. They should read the directions once when they start the paper, once as they are writing and once when they are done. This technique will ensure that the student does not end up failing their assignment for writing about the wrong topic.

  3. Set a Schedule
  4. Few students take just one class each semester. Since each student is probably enrolled in several classes, they need to schedule out their time carefully. Students should set a goal for the time that they want to complete each stage of their research paper. They should have a goal time for finishing the research, completing the first draft and editing the document. To prevent delays, students should also budget an extra few days into their schedule in case they become sick.

  5. Read Examples
  6. To get a better idea bout what is expected, students should take some time to read through examples. If they cannot find an example online, they can ask their teacher for an example. Once the student has the example, they should look at how the writer structured their paper and developed an argument. By using a good example, the student can learn the best way for writing their own essay.

  7. Start Researching Immediately
  8. Students only have a certain amount of time to complete their assignment. To stay ahead of the game, students should begin researching immediately. As they research, they should carefully track the various sources that they use and include it in the bibliography.

  9. Avoid Procrastination
  10. The student's worst enemy for writing is procrastinating. If the student is unable to focus, they should find an empty room and sit down with just their notebook. It might be an extreme measure, but it could be the only way that the student is actually able to complete their research paper on time. Another solution is a 'write my papers' request to the reputable company.

  11. Save Time for Editing
  12. Many students skip over the editing process when they write their essay. If the student wants a good score, this is the worst thing that they can ever do. All of the best essays that have been written were all thoroughly edited. At the very least, students should make sure to use an editing software program to make sure that the most obvious errors are excluded from their writing.

  13. Ask for Help
  14. If the student has carefully planned out their schedule, they will have enough time leftover to get extra help. A teacher or a tutor at school may be able to read through the essay and offer feedback. If the student is able to get feedback before turning the paper in, they should always accept the opportunity. They may not like hearing a critique of their writing, but it will ultimately help them to get a higher grade.

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