5 Basic Elements of Research Paper and Thesis to Consider

It is important to get the basics right, if you want to write A+ grade paper at any level. These basics basically include the steps of writing the paper and the structure or layout of the paper. Let us begin with what are steps to writing a research paper.

  1. Read instructions carefully:
    This is the most important thing in writing an academic paper. You must carefully read the instructions developed by your institution or the course instructor. If anything is not clear, seek clarification before you take any step towards actual writing of the paper. If you do not get the instructions right, you may end up including what is not necessary, or excluding something of great importance in that assignment.
  2. Think of problem to be solved, something of interest:
    You will write interesting paper if you focus on something of interest to you, or on problem that needs to be solved. When writing on something you love, you do so out of passion. However, not in all cases will you be allowed to choose what is of interest to you. Sometimes, the course instructors may choose a topic and require you research on the same. Whatever the case, you need to write high quality paper.
  3. Take note of style:
    Style is very important and you should take note of it before you try this website. The most common styles are APA and the MLA. There are notable differences in these two styles in terms of the structure of the title page, running head, indentation of paragraphs, referencing, and in quoting sources of information. You need to write the research paper basic outline in the relevant style so you do not have to unnecessarily revise or change the first draft you develop.
  4. Get the correct structure or format of paper:
    Although academic disciplines tend to vary on the style and format of papers, most of them are similar in terms of the content and they are divided in to various segments which tend to follow similar logical flow.
    A paper will in most cases have the following parts or segments –
    • Title: should be unique, catchy and should include relevant keywords.
    • Abstract: this is the ‘marketing part’ of the paper in journal and article directories. It should be brief, concise and to the point.
    • Introduction: should tell the reader what the subsequent content is all about in brief.
    • Literature Review: this is a critical analysis or look at similar works by other researchers.
    • Methods: These are the methods of study and may include interviews, experiments questionnaires and case studies among others.
    • Results: these are the results of your methodology and basically give a solution or findings to some certain issue or problem.
    • Discussion/Conclusion: this sums up the discussion and may give recommendations for further studies.
    • References/Bibliography.
  5. Reread, proofread and revise:
    After writing first draft, reread, proofread and revise the paper. Have a look at it with fresh eye and take note of any mistakes.

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