Brief Manual on How to Effectively Write a Research Paper

Delivering quality paper may be a challenging task even to the most prolific student writers. This is because most institutions require the research task be completed within very stringent timelines. Most of them have online paper submission system where students upload their assignment when they complete the research work.

Most of these systems are designed such that the submission tab automatically deactivates after the deadline. So, you must submit the paper before the set deadline otherwise you will score zero. There are many styles and formats of writing academic paper, but the following guidelines apply in writing most college level papers.

  1. Discover, narrow down and focus on researchable topic:
    Find a topic which is of interest to you. Talk to your colleague students about the topic and also to your course instructor. The topic may be in the form of statement, problem to be solved or question to be answered.
  2. Find and select the necessary reading and information sources:
    There are many sources of information such as bibliographies, periodical indexes, library catalog, and the suggestions from your course instructors are also highly recommended. You can also find information in books, journals and other documents.
  3. Develop outline:
    An outline is like a map or path which gives general overview on what the paper is all about. It should include the topic, purpose of thesis statement, literature review, the methodology, introduction, body content, the conclusion, references, etc. It is a skeleton of the overall content of your paper.

The above three form the basics of guideline on how to start to write a research paper whether you want to write the paper yourself, or want to get writing help online. When you have done the above, you can now proceed to the actual writing of the paper.

There are many writing styles but the most common are the APA, MLA and the Chicago style. If you write the paper yourself, you must get the official writing guide at your institution library and follow it. If you seek help online, give clear instructions to the writer on the guidelines to be followed in writing.

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