Finding a Strong Research Paper Introduction Paragraph Example

To most students, the introduction part is the most challenging bit in writing the paper. If you go online to find example of a research paper introduction paragraph you may get confused a bit as the length varies depending on the paper. In short essays, the introduction may just be a single short paragraph and in the voluminous books, it may be a page and half. In addition to knowing where to find a good example, it is important to know exactly how to write the introduction.

  • Where to find good example?
    There are many places where you can find good examples. The sources of information can largely be categorized as either primary or secondary. The primary sources of information include experiments, speeches, interviews, surveys, events, etc. Secondary include books, journals, scholarly articles, etc. With this in mind, a primary source of example of an introduction could be your course instructors. You can also get that information from fellow students and other scholars. Secondary sources of information can be the journals, books and other educational materials in your library or online portal.
  • What is the introduction part?
    The introduction can be described as the first paragraph of any literary material. It is also the first thing you would present before a panel if you were told to orally present your paper. It is also the very first thing that readers will hear, experience or see in your project. It must have general introduction to the topic that will be discussing and also the thesis statement.
  • What should the introduction do?
    Any research paper introduction template will show that the introduction must announce the topic of your paper. It should also provide the rationale and context for the work. It should also state the research hypothesis and questions. A well written introduction will effectively set the tone of your paper.
    It should also catch the interest and attention of the trader and should clearly communicate the thesis statement or hypothesis. In short, the introduction should give idea in which readers should follow throughout the presentation or paper. It must give the readers a beginning piece which they should follow through.
  • Getting it right?
    To write the best research paper introduction, many writing experts recommend that you should do it as the last thing after finishing the project. When you write it as the first thing, you may miss some issues which you add later on in the body content when writing the paper.

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